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Our FREE Graduate Aftercare Classes & GLOBAL Work Placements.

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    AFTERCARE & SUPPORT (We shout about our Famous Aftercare because we can!)


    Once you graduate with us your training, experience and career guidance doesn’t stop there. You could travel the world with us.

    The Number one academy who kick-starts careers by placing our students in work opportunities within weeks after trainingAOFM is the ONLY makeup school to offer its students 700+ international work placements every year We are also proud to be the ONLY makeup school to offer students backstage placements at Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, New York and Milan Every year every season.


    To see our  International graduate work opportunities in action & our post-course GLOBAL work placements Opportunities Page

    To see our graduates who take advantage of our FREE  unlimited Aftercare masterclasses with the biggest names in beauty and Fashion Aftercare Page


    These FREE aftercare masterclasses are available to students who apply for our Full Time or Part Time Artistic Pro, Total Pro & Hair and makeup certificate courses. AOFM’s exclusive aftercare programme is UNLIMITED & ABSOLUTELY FREE. – London, New York and Dubai’s only makeup school to offer free ongoing aftercare training with global industry contacts and over 700+ work placements to our graduates every year! As the first ever makeup academy to offer a fully integrated and comprehensive aftercare support program, AOFM has created a revolution in makeup artistry training by taking our education far beyond the classroom walls. AOFM has an open door policy and offers our graduates not only unparalleled support and general guidance but also exclusive FREE Masterclasses, one-on-one support and continued work placements. AOFM is proud to be the only academy to offer aftercare and work experience at the highest levels of the industry.

  • Syllabus



    AOFM Graduates Rock the Runway Fashion Week Masterclass & Assessment & Global backstage work placements

    AOFM is the only makeup school in the world to actively sponsor designers and head the makeup backstage at London, New York, Paris & Milan Fashion Weeks every year. AOFM offers graduates this unique Fashion Week workshop where you have the opportunity to learn from the AOFM Pro Team heading the shows. During the workshops, students are assessed and selected to work backstage, applying makeup for top designer shows around the world.

    Beautiful skin starts with Dermalogica 

    AOFM is the only make up school in the world exclusively sponsored by Dermalogica skincare. AOFM offers graduates a full day’s beauty training where they learn all about the skin and cover all aspects of essential skin prep for makeup artists. Graduates receive a special gift from Dermalogica and an ongoing, discount and support on their products.

    Meet the Fashion Designer 

    AOFM is proud to introduce Parisian Fashion Designer Raffaele Barriello who has previously worked as Collections Director for Yves Saint Laurent, GUCCI and Sonia Rykel. Raffaele now has his own brand in stores around the world including the famous Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York. Raffaele will give graduates an informative insight into the world of Parisian couture, how he designed his brand and how he works with makeup artists.

    Day in the life of a London Fashion Week Designer 

    As one of the leading and biggest backstage makeup team providers at London Fashion Week, AOFM actively work with the UK’s biggest names in fashion. AOFM regularly invites a number of runway designers to guest speak to our students. This will enable our graduates to understand the process of working with designers and how the designers create their collections.

    Find me a Makeup & Hair agent

     AOFM offers Masterclasses that educate graduates about makeup and hair artist agencies. Graduates will learn what level you need to be at to enter a creative hair and makeup agency, what agencies look for, and much, much more! AOFM invites a number of London’s leading creative agencies to guest speak at this class. Students are able to take advantage of personally meeting top London agency bookers and connect with them in order to help take their career to the next level.

    The Portfolio – Your Number One Tool 

    As AOFM offer over 40 currently-working makeup and hair artists, represented by 8 of London’s leading agencies, they are able to show a much wider selection of portfolios from beauty editorials to high fashion and Avant-Garde, so graduates can see examples of how they can create a killer portfolio. AOFM will talk about building your book and how to place images, as well as where to buy one and how to put one together to really showcase your talents. AOFM will also invite a professional portfolio company to this class, giving students the opportunity to choose and order their new portfolio on the day with our guidance.

    What’s hot and what’s not backstage! Professional Artist Etiquette 

    Many students from other schools fail in the industry because they don’t understand the etiquette requirements of working in the industry. AOFM teaches students step by step on how to act and present themselves whilst working in the industry. The guest backstage makeup artist who works with 60 global designers on their catwalk shows each year will guide graduates through working backstage and on the job etiquette as a makeup artist and an assistant.

    Make me famous: Business Cards, Web Design and Marketing Masterclass 

    AOFM offers a marketing masterclass that educates graduates on how to create business cards and how to build your client base through the web. The session will explain in detail the best web and print advertising for self-promotion. Graduates will also leave with a list of printing and web contacts to help you establish yourself.

    Get the most out of what you earn. Personal and Business Accounting Seminar 

    During this session graduates learn how to keep track of their accounts, file their tax return and register as self-employed. A brilliant opportunity to ask a professional accountant any questions you may have on this difficult but essential area of your working freelance career.

    How to style like  Fashionista fashion stylist 

    AOFM invites world-leading fashion stylists to talk graduates through the role of a high fashion, catwalk and editorial fashion stylist as well as teach some basic styling techniques. In this class our guest fashion stylists will give you an understanding about how to collaborate within a team and what they look for in makeup artists.

    The World of Model Agencies 

    AOFM invite along some of London’s & New York’s leading model agencies so graduates can find out more about working with models and their agencies.

    A World of Colour with Shu Uemura 

    As the only UK school to be sponsored by Shu Uemura cosmetics, AOFM offer graduates Masterclasses taught directly by the Shu Uemura Pro team. This will be a full day of teaching with advanced techniques in false lashes and looks made famous by Shu Uemura.

    Marie Clare, Vogue & Elle An Evening with the Beauty & Fashion Magazine Editor  

    AOFM has unrivalled connections in the fashion industry and for that reason is pleased to offer an incredible opportunity to find out all about the role of a top famous fashion and beauty magazine editor. AOFM invites high profile magazine editors to speak to graduates about the role of a beauty editor and what they look for in a makeup artist. Our Guest speakers include: Editors from British Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

    The Powder Group Masterclass 

    This inspirational business-oriented masterclass is led by Michael DeVellis, Vice-President of Makeup Forever, founder of The Makeup Show & On Makeup magazine and the man who helped create and launch MAC PRO! During his insightful business development session Michael shares a wealth of wisdom that will enable AOFM graduates to define effective branding for themselves and develop a more professional and successful career in makeup artistry.

    The World of DIOR 

    AOFM has an exclusive relationship with the Dior Pro team and offers graduates a free Masterclass, led by the international Pro team members! Dior is a name that is synonymous with modern elegance and timeless beauty, always on the cutting edge of fashion and constantly setting the stage with new trends. The Dior Masterclasses give AOFM graduates the opportunity to see the catwalk inspired looks hot off the Dior runways in Paris and learn all about the latest makeup collections from the team at Dior.

    NARS Masterclass 

    Nars is a brand that buzzes with creative energy; with a huge colour range and pigments that pack a lot of punch! During the Nars Masterclasses AOFM Graduates learn from the top Nars Makeup Artists who are trained in the artistic techniques of Francois Nars himself.

    Tan-tastic tips and tricks with St Tropez  

    St Tropez is the leading brand for sunless tanning products and bronzing products. Famous for their easy to use natural-looking sunkissed products, St Tropez is AOFM’s favourite when it comes to bronzing. St Tropez hosts Masterclass presentations for AOFM graduates, demonstrating how to use their range of products and sharing their best-kept secrets.

    Make me a bene babe makeup artists with Benefit cosmetics 

    Benefit is a fun, flirty brand with modern class and a whole lot of sass! Featuring their National Makeup Artist, Benefit hosts the ultimate girly masterclass, Free for AOFM Graduates.

    Don’t be dirty – stay safe and clean with Pro Makeup Shop 

    The Pro Makeup shop masterclass is gruesomely horrifying as the CEO and Founder shines a magic “germ revealing light” over makeup products and tools and shares some scary truths. The Masterclass features exclusive discounts for AOFM graduates during the session.

    Bobbi Brown Masterclass London & New York 

    Bobbi Brown is one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated Makeup Artists whose unique products and distinctive style set her apart from the rest. For more than 22 years Bobbi Brown has been leading makeup and fashion trends for avid fashionistas, celebrities, and the everyday woman alike. AOFM offers Graduates the opportunity to learn from Bobbi’s Education and Artist team in an interactive workshop. AOFM is also the ONLY makeup academy in the USA sponsored and supported by Bobbi Brown.

    Stila Cosmetics Masterclass 

    AOFM is proud to be exclusively sponsored and supported by Stila cosmetics in the UK and USA, one of the professional makeup artist’s favourite brands to work with. We will invite student to learn from the international pro team and take advantage of exclusive discounts.

    The World of MAC 

    AOFM offer many free MAC Masterclasses each year in London & New York. This champagne and canapé evening event will be hosted by MAC at AOFM by 2 members of the MAC Pro team who teach graduates new catwalk and creative make up looks. Once graduates have completed ANY AOFM makeup course, they are eligible to attend the MAC Masterclass for as long as they like. Our graduates will also take advantage of exclusive discounts offered at both the MAC UK and USA stores.

    National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers (NASMAH) 

    NASMAH is the only makeup artist association in the UK. AOFM is proud to be a full member & Partner of NASMAH and invite them to talk to you more about the industry and the benefits of joining their association.

    The Fashion Shoot Demonstration (Testing) 

    As a new makeup artist it’s crucial to work on your portfolio and shoot as much as you can, as this is your selling and promotional tool for you and your career. AOFM will offer Graduates the chance to see the AOFM PRO Team in action, where they will create an editorial look from start to finish. Graduates are able to ask questions throughout the process and get involved in creating the editorial look.

    Contacts and Network Building Seminar 

    Making professional contacts as a makeup artist means everything and if you want to be in this industry you need to excel at this. We know that as a new student it can be daunting and hard to know what direction to go in when first starting out. How do you find photographers and models to shoot with for that all important portfolio? This is where we step in and help you build contacts and clients through various ways. Once you have taken this comprehensive session you will be much more confident in your new career and even walk away with a good list of contacts we have put together for you to help you on your way.

    Creative Editorial Magazine Masterclass 

    During this session a Pro Team member will cover a wide range of creative editorial looks and session trends to inspire graduates. The AOFM Pro team will also share with graduates up-to-date tricks of the trade and some special new techniques.

    Creative High Fashion Masterclass 

    During this unique AOFM Pro Team Masterclass, graduates will learn how to produce creative concepts and will cover overall production from editorial high fashion looks to creative beauty using textures and other creative elements within your shoots.

    Charlotte Tilbury Beauty 

    AOFM is proud to be the only school in the world exclusively sponsored  & supported by Charlotte Tilbury beauty. Charlotte is one of the world’s most famous makeup artists whose clients include  the world’s most famous designers and celebrities.. AOFM not only holds a masterclass with Charlotte and her team, but many of Charlotte’s staff  at her beauty quarters also come directly from AOFM.

    The world of PR  (Contacts and industry understanding) 

    AOFM invite industry PR gurus to help our graduates understand the job role of a top fashion PR company, including what they look for in makeup artists when looking after their clients on top runway shows and magazine shoots.

  • Fees & Dates

    Absolutely FREE for students who book our Artistic Pro Creative Specialist and Total Pro Creative Specialist Certificate courses. These classes are FREE and are ongoing for as long as you like!

    All work and assisting opportunities are subject to availability and up to AOFM’s discretion when placing positions. Student must abide by all course rules when training with us in order to apply for these positions. Work and assisting opportunities are available to AOFM graduates who have completed and received a certificate for the following course:

    Complete Artistic Pro Specialist Certificate
    Total Pro Creative Specialist Certificate
    Professional Makeup and Hair Styling Specialist Certificate

    If you do not show up to your booked opportunity, AOFM will not be able to offer you any more work or assisting opportunities. All free masterclasses are subject to availability and subject to change without prior notice. Graduates eligible for masterclass opportunities must have completed and received a certificate of completion .