AOFM Graduates @ Bethany Williams London Fashion Week Men’s

For the ‘Adelaide House’ A/W2019 collection, Bethany Williams worked in collaboration with Adelaide House, a women’s shelter in Liverpool that provides a safe haven for women’s being rehabilitated post-prison. The fabric has been created using the waste product from Liverpool’s The Eco Newspaper with Liverpool being one of the designer’s inspirations.

The makeup for this show is based on a cold, outdoor, wet look. The AOFMPro team began by prepping the skin with Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleanser.

A tinted moisturiser or light foundation was applied where necessary and pin point concealer to hide any blemishes.

Cream brush was the star of this look; a variety of natural, orange and red tones were applied all over the face with a heavy speckle effect on the nose and cheeks.

To finish, a little matt lip balm was applied.

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