Total Pro Creative Specialist Certificate

Mon - Sat, 4 Weeks, Airbrush, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Personal Shopping, Photoshoot, Student Work Opportunities, Unlimited Aftercare Classes, £3990 SAVING OF £505
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  • Overview

    INCLUDES our famous Aftercare Support Program where students can Join the international AOFM graduate PRO Teams & take advantage of our GLOBAL Student Work  and Assisting Opportunities after completing their courses, We offer over 700+ work & assisting opportunities every year! Graduates can also choose from our long list of  unlimited Aftercare MASTERCLASSES which are FREE to take for as long as you need them!


    If you are really serious about becoming a professional in the makeup industry, then this is the course for you! The Total Pro is the complete package and will give you the competitive edge over other makeup artists in the industry because you will be able to offer four skills rather than one. Many clients are looking for makeup artists who are qualified in more than just makeup. This keeps their budget down but means you can increase your fee as you are offering more than one skill. That’s why we have designed this multi-faceted course. It is suitable for the absolute beginner and will take you to an advanced level with skills in makeup, hairstyling, creative nails, and airbrush. Covering all areas in the industry in high fashion, catwalk, bridal, and high definition makeup.

  • Details

    The Total Pro Creative Specialist Certificate makeup course will take you from a complete beginner to a ready-to-work freelance makeup artist in just four weeks. This course is very intensive but will give you a taste for how fast-paced this industry can be! Within the course you will cover all the makeup techniques needed to work in fashion, runway, or special occasion makeup. Not only will you learn makeup tips from the industries leading professionals but you will also learn how to style hair for high fashion editorial shoots or for your blushing brides. We will also train you as a professional nail technician, covering basic manicure and pedicures, nail care and nail varnish techniques. You will also be taught by one of the world’s leading airbrush artists on how to create flawless airbrush makeup. The Total Pro is the complete package and will give you a competitive edge over other makeup artists in the industry because you will be able to offer four skills rather than one.

    We keep our classes to a small size to give our students the best possible learning experience, benefitting from our one-on-one attention. Over the duration of the Total Pro course you will learn from a number of different working freelance artists. This approach will give you a much deeper insight into the different individual styles and techniques used within the industry.

  • Syllabus

    Makeup Artistry

    Make-up Artist Hygiene Understanding the importance and professional standards of artist hygiene.

    Skin Preparation Preparing the skin is just as important as make-up itself. It is the base to any good make-up application. You will learn an understanding of skin care and different skin types.

    Foundation Selection and Application Foundation selection according to skin types and tones. Coverage levels, textures and finishes for different foundation types, and various mixing and application techniques.

    Corrective and Camouflage Techniques Correcting and camouflaging technique for imperfections such as spots and dark circles

    Contouring and Highlighting Shading and highlighting techniques to emphasise certain features on the face.

    Creating Glowing Skin Learn how to create fresh glowing dewy skin with a variety of products used by industry professionals.

    Powders Purpose of powders in loose and pressed textures.

    Bronzers Learn the various techniques and ways to apply bronzers.

    Eye Brow Shaping Includes artistic eyebrow shaping, and techniques to enhance the natural line of the eyebrows.

    Eye Shadows in Powders and Cream This will cover the 2 different textures in terms of their application and their uses in detail.

    Natural Beauty Make-Up You will learn the various ways to apply a perfect natural make-up focusing on the skin.

    Bridal Make-up This covers in detail the application and other considerations when applying bridal make-up

    Smokey Eyes Learn the many styles of smoky eyes. In this section you will learn application techniques, use of different textures, adding colour and adding a personal style.

    Glamour Makeup You will learn detailed application techniques of glamour style make up with the help of a make up artist with extensive glamour make up industry experience.

    Pencil/Liquid Liner This covers pencil and liquid eyeliners and application techniques in detail.

    Mascaras This covers different mascaras, applications and their uses.

    False lash Application This covers eyelash strips, individuals, lower lashes and creative application techniques.

    Blushers in Powders and Creams Powders and cream blushers will be covered in detail including application techniques of the 2 textures and their uses.

    Lipsticks, Glosses & Liners This will cover all aspects from colour selection to application of lipsticks, glosses and lip liners. Understanding how to enhance or alter lip shapes.

    Hands & Body You will learn make-up and various considerations on areas of the hands and body.

    Catwalk This is an exciting area of the course. Here you find out what really goes on backstage and what goes in to creating a catwalk show. You will have the opportunity to work on your creative skills and catwalk styles. This class will be taught by makeup artists with extensive experience for big designer shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York.

    Fashion Industry Knowledge This covers how the industry works and the make up that goes with it for fashion editorial.

    Commercial/Advertising This covers the differences in commercial and advertising makeup.

    Understanding ofPhotography Lighting A make up artist’s understanding of photography lighting is crucial you will learn how to find the right balance of application for your make up.

    Black & white/colour Photography Make Up You will learn make up applications and the key differences for both black & white and colour photography.

    Period Makeup It’s very important as a makeup artist to have a good understanding of makeup history. This covers make up periods from the 20s-80s in detail. We will also learn how to relate these makeup styles to modern day fashion trends.

    Mature Make-up This will cover make up application when applying to a mature person.

    Male Corrective Make-up This covers make up application skills for males.

    Ethnic Make-up You will learn in detail an understanding of ethnic makeup techniques, including African and Oriental etc.

    Body Painting Learn about body paints and their uses. You will learn this from a makeup artist with extensive body painting work experience.

    Stencils/Tattoo This covers creative stencilling and tattooing with a makeup artist with extensive work experience.

    Glitters This covers glitters and their application techniques.

    Working with Textures This will cover adding a variety of creative textures to your make up, giving extra impact.

    Avant Garde This section will explore you creative side & learn how to add experimental influence to your work.

    Getting started in the Industry You will learn the necessary skills to when starting out in this industry. How to your do your tax return, invoicing, to networking and self promoting. You learn this with guidance and advice from a well-established hair and makeup freelance artist.

    Building a Professional Make-up Kit This covers in detail how and what you need to build a professional makeup artist portfolio. You will find out what tools are needed for a working make up artist’s kit. A makeup artist will show you their own personal kits to give you a good understanding.

    Creative Day with Photographer & Stylist This gives you the chance to show your creative side. Demonstrate the skills learnt over the duration of the course and put them into practice. This is also a section of the course that gives you the chance to give get a head start with your portfolio and gain valuable work experience with a professional photographer and stylist.

    Creative Hairstyling

    Hair Product Selection Before creating a style, learn how to select the right product. In this section we will guide you through products and their uses.

    Tools and Equipment You will find out what tools are needed for a session stylist kit. We will guide you through their personal kits to give you a good understanding of what is required

    Sectioning Lean how to section the hair, keeping it clean and tidy before beginning your desired style.

    Blow Drying Learn how to blow dry hair in to simple styles adding volume and body.

    Setting Hair Learn how to set hair into styles using both heated rollers, and classic wet setting techniques.

    Creating Curls with Hot Tools Most session stylists work with tongs whether it’s back stage or on a shoot. Learn how to create body curls, flicks and other tonguing tricks.

    Hair Pieces and Extensions Our stylist will help you understand and teach you how to work with hair pieces and creating styles around extensions

    Bridal Hair Up Learn how to create stunning styles for Brides. Learning the correct technique for securing the hair with pins.

    Fashion Editorial and Catwalk Our stylist will help you understand set etiquette on photographic and fashion magazines shoots. Teaching you how to create effective styles for fashion catwalk, and the speed that is required for backstage.

    Creative Airbrush

    The course syllabus includes HD TV, bridal, fashion, catwalk and advanced airbrush skills. All of these skills will be taught over a 3 day period.

    Day 1:

    • Introduction to Airbrushing
    • Equipment: Types of Airbrush Guns, Types of Compressors.
    • Using your Airbrush (Assemble & disassembling your airbrush gun).
    • Troubleshooting (Dealing with common problems)
    • Health & Safety Standards
    • Product Knowledge : Types of Make up formulas (Temptu)
    • Understanding Pressure (PSI)
    • Airbrush Control: Distance – PSI – Movement control / In class Exercises
    • Control your airbrush pressure directly from the
    • Point & Shoot Exercises, working with Air practice, aim and shoot exercises, back bubbling technique.
    • Prepping the skin for make up application
    • Concealing with your airbrush
    • Applying a sheer flawless foundation (In class Demo& Practice)
    • Cleaning your Equipment

    Day 2:

    • Temptu S/B Foundation Shades
    • Colour Mixing
    • Working with Different S/B pallets and using Adjusters
    • Combining conventional make up techniques with your airbrush make up
    • Working in Layers
    • Creating a dewy base and sculpting the face using Temptu Contour Kit
    • Creating a different eye make up looks (1x natural / 1x Dramatic)
    • Applying Blusher and a soft lips colour using Temptu airbrush colours
    • Working with Temptu AirBrow stencils and formula to shape/reshape eyebrow.
    • Creating a Bridal Look / Creating a Dramatic Look with your airbrush (Demo and Practice)

    Day 3:

    • Using your airbrush Creatively
    • Working with Stencils, masks and templates
    • Working with bold colours and enhancing bone structure features to create Editorial, Fashion Forward and Creative Make up looks using Temptu airbrush cosmetics
    • Working with Temptu Dura
    • Creating a temporary tattoo
    • Working with transfers
    • Cleaning your airbrush gun after working with the Dura formula
    • Marketing yourself as a freelance Make up Airbrush Artist

    Creative Nails

    This course will cover in detail:

    • Hygiene
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Client Consultation
    • Structure of the Nail and Nail Growth
    • Hand and Foot Massage
    • Manicure – Clean, Prep Nails, Cuticle Removal , and Shaping
    • Nail Finishes – French Manicure, Colour, Nail Art & Creative Design (textures, glitters, stickers, gems)
    • Pedicures
    • Gel Nails
    • Gel Extensions
    • Gel Nail Finishes – application of French Manicure, Colour, Nail Art & Creative Design (textures, glitters, stickers, and gems)
  • Tools and Products

    In the classroom, students will have a base kit of products to work from throughout the course, but more impressively the opportunity to use full ranges from the most prestigious and luxurious makeup brands on the market. We don’t just offer a few products from each range we offer the entire ranges of brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dior, Chanel and Giorgio Armani! You won’t find a school with more product choice then AOFM. On the first day of class you will receive a 24-piece AOFM Pro brush set designed by the AOFM Pro Team, which are yours to keep. Throughout the duration of your course you will work from a range of over 35 cosmetic brands, luxury skincare, salon quality hair products and tools, nail products, airbrush equipment, and special FX products and tools. This course includes our famous AOFM shopping day with a professional makeup artists to help guide you through building your makeup kit. We offer unrivalled discounts at leading stores and boutiques including MAC, Benefit, Bare Minerals and many more brands exclusive only to AOFM. AOFM will also take you on a personal shopping trip with one of our hair tutors to The Academy training facility. Here you will receive a one time discount on hair styling products for your kit.

  • Fees & Dates

    Includes 100s of FREE UNLIMITED AFTERCARE CLASSES taught by cosmetic companies like MAC, Dior, Temptu and industry guests from VOUGE, ELLE & Marie Clare magazines. to find out more click here. 

    Includes the Opportunity to join AOFM’s International Pro Team and take advantage of more then 700+ yearly work placements with the biggest names in the business. We are proud to be the ONLY school to take our students all over the world.  To see our Global clients and famous clients we send our students to work with after training  click here. 

    Course Fee: £3990

    Payment Plan:

    • The academy will accept a 30% deposit to hold a students place at the time of booking.
    • All fees must be paid in full no later then 5 weeks prior to the course start date.
    • When booked as a course package rather than individual modules you will receive a £505 discount

    Course Dates:

    NOVEMBER:  5th November 2018 – 1st December 2018

    JANUARY:  7th January 2019 – 2nd February 2019

    MARCH:  11th March 2019 – 6th April 2019

    MAY:  13th May 2019 – 8th June 2019

    AUGUST: 22nd July 2019 – 17th August 2019

    NOVEMBER:  4th November 2019 – 30th November 2019

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