Creative Nail Certificate

Mon - Wed or Thurs - Sat, 3 days, Nails, £650
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  • Overview

    Manicure. Pedicure. Nail Art. Gel Nails.


    This three day course is the ideal addition to your new makeup skills as a bridal or fashion makeup artist. This course is also appropriate if you are looking to work with nails as a side business or in the world of beauty therapy.

    Having this extra skill will give you an edge over your peers as you will be able to offer your bridal or fashion clients something extra than just make up.

  • Details

    This intensive makeup course will take you from basic to advanced techniques in manicure, pedicure and gel nails. We will also teach you handy techniques for brides, editorial and high fashion looks. Over the three days you will leaern a wide range of technical and informative information, covering the structure of the nail, nail growth, hand and foot massage techniques, manicures, pedicure, gel nail application and removal and nail art. Not only will you learn all the skills but you will leave the course having a flawless pedicure and manicure!

  • Syllabus

    Creative Nails

    Sanitising and antibacterial techniques for your nail equipment

    Tools of the Trade
    Tools needed for manicures, pedicures, gel nails, and nail art

    Client Consultation
    Importance of client relationship and how to create returning clients

    Structure of the Nail and Nail Growth
    Importance of understanding the structure and how the nail grows

    Hand and Foot Massage
    Learn the Jessica Nail technique for a foot and hand massage

    Clean, Prep Nails, Cuticle Removal, and Shaping

    Nail Finishes
    French Manicure, Colour and Nail Art

    Creative Design
    Using textures, glitters, stickers, gems

    Steps and procedure for a flawless pedicure

    Gel Nails
    Application and removal of a gel nail. Will not do a full set but learn the techniques how to achieve.

    Gel Nail Finishes
    Application of French Manicure, Colour, Nail Art & Creative Design (textures, glitters, stickers, and gems)

  • Tools and Products

    AOFM will supply all products and tools used during the duration of this course. They will be freshly cleaned and professionally sanitised. It is important to understand that we will be working on each other so make sure you haven’t received a fresh coat of nail varnish on those fingers and toes before the course. AOFM offers students an exclusive discount for a Jessica Nails Starter Kit.

  • Fees & Dates

    Course Fee: £650

    Payment Plan:

    •  The academy will accept a 100% deposit to hold a student’s place at the time of booking.

    Course dates:

    26th November 2018 – 28th November 2018

    28th January 2019 – 30th January 2019

    1st April 2019 – 3rd April 2019

    3rd June 2019 – 5th June 2019
    12th August 2019 – 14th August 2019
    25th November 2019 – 27th November 2019

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