Creative Certificate In Advanced Makeup Techniques

Mon - Sun, 6 days, Makeup, Personal Shopping, Photoshoot, £1400
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  • Overview

    Are you already working as a freelance makeup artist or have you previously completed a makeup course? If so, then this is the perfect course for you to brush up your skills and learn from the industry’s most experienced. The Creative Certificate in Advanced Makeup Techniques is also the next course available if you have completed the Freelance Certificate in Professional Makeup with AOFM. In order to book onto this course AOFM will require a makeup assessment to ensure you are at the appropriate advanced level.

    This course option does not include AOFM’s exclusive Aftercare or Work Experience and Assisting Opportunities.

  • Details

    This intensive advanced makeup course covers a much wider range of skills essential to becoming a professional makeup artist. Our tutors will give you a deeper insight into the competitive world of make up, discussing professional experiences and sharing tips and tricks of the trade along the way. This course is also suitable for current working freelance artists wishing to refresh or update their creative skills.

    This course includes our famous AOFM shopping day with a professional makeup artists to help guide you through building your makeup kit. We offer unrivalled discounts at leading stores and boutiques including MAC, Benefit, Shu Uemura and many more brands exclusive only to AOFM.

  • Syllabus

    Makeup Artistry

    Period Makeup
    It’s very important to have a good understanding of makeup history. This covers make up periods from the 20s-80s in detail. You will also learn how to relate these makeup styles to modern day fashion trends.

    Mature Make-up
    This will cover make up application on mature skin.

    Male Corrective Make-up
    This covers make up application skills to use on men.

    Ethnic Make-up
    You will learn in detail an understanding of techniques to use on different skintones.

    Body Painting
    Learn about body paints and their uses. You will learn this from a makeup artist with extensive body painting work experience

    This covers creative stencilling and tattooing with a makeup artist with extensive work experience.

    This covers glitters and their application techniques.

    Working with Textures
    This will cover adding a variety of creative textures to your make up, giving extra impact.

    Avant Garde
    This section will explore you creative side and teach you how to add experimental influences to your work.

    Getting started in the Industry
    You will learn the necessary skills for starting out in this industry. How to your do your tax return, invoicing, networking and self promotion. You learn this with guidance and advice from a well-established hair and makeup freelance artist.

    Building a Professional Make-up Kit
    This covers in detail how and what you need to build a professional makeup artist kit. You will find out what tools are needed and a makeup artist will show you their own kit to give you a good understanding.

    Creative Day with Photographer & Stylist
    Demonstrate the skills learnt over the duration of the course and put them into practice with your own photoshoot. This section gives you the chance to give get a head start with your portfolio picutres and gain valuable work experience with a professional photographer and stylist.


  • Tools and Products

    On the first day of class you will receive a 24-piece AOFM Pro brush set designed by the AOFM Pro Team, which are yours to keep. Throughout the duration of your course you will work from a range of over 35 cosmetic brands and luxury skincare.

    We don’t just offer a few products from each range we offer the entire range of brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dior, Chanel and Giorgio Armani! We also carry an extensive range of high-street brands to give you an ever wider product knowledge. You wont find a school with more products choice than AOFM.

    This course includes our famous AOFM shopping day with a professional makeup artists to help guide you through building your makeup kit. We offer unrivalled discounts at leading stores and boutiques including Benefit, Bare Essentials, MAC and many more brands exclusive only to AOFM.

  • Fees & Dates

    Course Fee: £1400

    Payment Plan:

    • The academy will accept a 50% deposit to hold a students place at the time of booking.
    • All fees must be paid in full no later then 5 weeks prior to the course start date.

    Course Dates: 

    NOVEMBER:  12th November 2018 – 17th November 2018

    JANUARY:  14th January 2019 –  19th January 2019

    FEBRUARY:  18th February 2019 –  23rd February 2019

    MARCH:  18th March 2019 –  23trd March 2019

    MAY:  20th May 2019 – 25th May 2019

    JUNE:  24th June 2019 – 29th June 2019

    AUGUST:  29th July 2019 – 3rd August 2019

    NOVEMBER:  11th November 2019 – 16th November 2019

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