Freelance Certificate In Creative Special FX

Mon - Sun, 5 days, Photoshoot, Special FX, £1400
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  • Overview

    Creative Special FX.


    AOFM is proud to offer a brand new exclusive Special FX makeup course taught by one of the industry’s leading professionals. AOFM Pro makeup artist, Michelle Webb has worked on movies starring Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Jude Law…just to name a few! We are offering this 6-day course to learn extensive Special FX knowledge, a wide range of application techniques and inside-industry secrets.

  • Details

    Michelle Webb will lead you from foundation to intermediate skills as a TV, Film and SFX makeup artist. Throughout the duration of this course you will cover basic skills like scratches, bruising, cuts, abrasions, bald cap application, silicon moulding and character development. If you are looking for an extra skill to add to your professional career then this is the course for you. In this industry it is important to be current and up to date with all makeup techniques, and that is why AOFM has recently added this amazing course for our students. In order to take this course students must have completed the AOFM Freelance Certificate in Professional Makeup or Total Pro Creative Specialist Certificate.

  • Syllabus

    Special FX

    Day One: Introduction & Day Makeup

    On day one you will cover Health, Safety & Hygiene Procedures, on-set etiquette and how to apply day and ‘straight’ makeup for HD Film & TV.

    Day Two: Basic SFX/Casualty Techniques

    On day two you will get an introduction to SFX techniques using Wax, Latex and Gelatine, You will learn how to create realistic casualty effects referencing medical books such as Cuts, Bruises, Grazes, Burns, Split Lips, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Facial Hair, Aging & Dirtying Down

    Day 3: Facial Hair, Aging & Dirtying Down

    You shall use two types of hair applications crape and laces pieces, work with illustrator pallets & latex to create realistic aging effects and dirty down our victims with dirt, sot and charcoal.

    Day Four: Bald Cap Application

    On Day Four you shall be shown how to fit, apply, blend and colour a bald cap using illustrator pallets and acetone. Then you will develop the bald cap design in to either an alien or zombie design.

    Day Five: Advanced SFX

    On day five you will be working with Tublast, Collodion, Sculpt & Silicone to create open wounds and burns working with bone, glass and bullet fragments to add character to your effects.

    Day Six: Create a Character

    Today you have free range to create a character using skills you have picked up during the last the last week; it’s your chance to create something gruesome.


  • Tools and Products

    Within the classroom AOFM has built a professional kit for our students to work from on a daily basis. Using only the most professional makeup brands that are in the makeup kits of makeup artist working in the film and TV industry. All you will need to bring to class are your AOFM brushes that you received during your previous AOFM makeup course.

  • Fees & Dates

    Course Fee: £1400

    Payment Plan:

    • The academy will accept a 50% deposit to hold a students place at the time of booking.
    • All fees must be paid in full no later then 5 weeks prior to the course start date.

    Course Dates:

    OCTOBER:  15th October 2018 – 20th October 2018

    FEBRUARY:  4th February 2019 – 9th February 2019

    MAY:  6th May 2018 – 11th May 2019

    OCTOBER:  14th October 2019 – 19th October 2019

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